Performing and fine arts

AIS has a great instructional art program. The classroom art program derives from contemporary arts. This will range from traditional media such as paintings and drawings to more recently developed approaches. Teachers discuss about different artists and influences in the daily life. Students will look at the created impression of artists through their photography, drawings, and paintings. Students are encourages to being their own self expression to life during the art sessions. Students may bring in sculptures, mixed media. Our little artists will be able to choose various materials to have a great deal of creative freedom.


The visual art instruction is focused on providing students with experiences in a variety of visual art media and techniques while developing artistic skills. Students are also given learning experiences which are designed to increase their knowledge of art history and to develop art appreciation.Also, students will be able to combine science and art and create clay sculptures. Students are challenged by the preconceptions about the materials they use.



“Life is the Art of drawing without an eraser”


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